mercredi 12 novembre 2008

Final offspring - The destruction of Mundhora

Mundhora, a planet in the seventh galaxy was the sister planet of old Earth, green and lush, with a tropical climate, her people differed from Earthlings only by their exceptionnal size and their hair of a bluish cast. For a long time, this paradise was coveted by Khor, king of the sunless planet, and the people of Mundhora were terrorized by Khor's invincible robot forces, the only creatures able to exit in their frozen hell.
Now, listen and discover as the music evokes the ensuing battle of Good v.s. Evil. Wich won the victory : the soul or the machine ? Surely it was Mundhora who succumbed to the ultimate weapon of Khor. Yet, we can still hear, resounding in the universe, the song of her rebirth…

5 commentaires:

raoul a dit…

mille mercis. j'ai plané.
je vous met en lien sur mon blog , ça va être la classe.

Likedeeler a dit…

Hey disco lover! Thanks for a great selection. Best wishes from Berlin

Anonyme a dit…

Il y a bien 20 ans que je cherche ce disque (que j'avais en k7 audio maintenant inauble).


Anonyme a dit…

merci pour ce poste mais impossible de décompresser le track 1 dommage il faut le mettre en RAR et non en ZIP merci quand meme

Bootzilla a dit…

Etonnant, je viens de télécharger l'archive zip et les 4 pistes sont ok.

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