mercredi 7 janvier 2009

The Magic disco machine - Disc O Tech

Contrairement à ce qui est annoncé, cet album n'est pas du tout disco. It's pure, uncut Funk !

6 commentaires:

henofj a dit…

Many many thanx for this blogg. Just starting with this blogg thing and boy is it funny for a "old" man from sweden to catch up with the groove. And you got the groove. Got some but I find some better. These 3 latest it just great. So Lovely is all I have left to say

Bootzilla a dit…

It's never too late to groove henofj.
Stay tuned, more groovy things to come.

Solomon a dit…

Thank you.

Paul Durango a dit…

This sampler is awesome.

Thanks a bunch and for 'Boxing Joe' - great to have it as a single!

Bootzilla a dit…

Hey Paul !
Je suis un gros fan de ton 36 15 MOOG.
Merci pour ta visite.

Anonyme a dit…

There's 2 volume from these serie

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