vendredi 30 avril 2010

Pierre Porte - Mondiophone MON 12 - A Musical Picture

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litlgrey a dit…

This is already in my file shares, because it was reissued by Pulp Flavor way back when. But I'll help myself to your lovely large scan of the original Mondiophone artwork... thanks!

Bootzilla a dit…

Hi litlgrey,

I didn't know it was reissued. Is it on LP or CD ?

I put the rear cover on the archive specially for you…

All the peace.

litlgrey a dit…

It was released on CD for certain. If there was a limited vinyl run, I don't happen to know about it. I can tell you that both Pulp Flavor and its DareDare label seem to have vanished about 2003.

I LOVE rear covers! You totally RAWK!!

Anonyme a dit…


Is there any chance you might provide any of these albums?

1- (1986)Patchwork 85 - Moments by (Jean-Pierre Decerf & Jean-Pierre Auffredo)


2- (1975) Synthe by Michel Dematraz

Thank you very much.


Bootzilla a dit…


I don't have any of these albums.

Maestro a dit…

Dear Bootzilla,

I saw that you're form France so you can help me.
I found an avid collector from France with almost 70 albums all in NM condition who wants to sell them all.

He says that I have to talk to him in French to understand what I want.

I need two of his albums very much as i can't find them anywhere else with this reasonable price.

May I ask you to do me favor and contact him through email and tell him what I want in French?

Please contact me through the email below, if you don't mind.

Thanks in advance.


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