samedi 26 septembre 2009

Chicago 2000/Auvidis - Synthetic Music - AV 4151

Amazing electronic synth library !

7 commentaires:

litlgrey a dit…

Ah! Thanks very much! Only the second Auvidis I myself have seen.

Gianni aka Cesare Barbetta a dit…

never heard or seen in vinyl shops.
this is a great post.

thank you Bootzilla

Dirkson a dit…

Ooh. Another Chicago 2000! Makes my ears melt every now and then.

Grand applause.

house303 a dit…

Très apprécié ici aussi...Merci!

phil a dit…

Wonderful many thanks

Ivan a dit…

Keep up the bloggin'!!! Really glad I found this place..

Anonyme a dit…

Un album génial et comme son nom l'indique absolument synthétique.

orgue, boite a rythme et synthés un vrai régal datant 1978.


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