jeudi 12 novembre 2009

Don Ellis - Connection

Voici un de mes disques favoris. La version du thème de French Connection y est phénoménale. Merci à mon ami Dr K pour cette découverte.

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Simon666 a dit…

thanks a lot for this! :)

Max a dit…

La Grande Classe mille mercis
Peace and....GROOVE

Anonyme a dit…

Jazz Obsessive ....

I hoped to find the Theme from French Connection one day & here it is ....& the rest of the LP sounds good & interesting as well...merci for sharing

Bootzilla a dit…

You can find the soundtrack here :

Thank you for your comment.

Anonyme a dit…

merci pour intiresny Dieu

Anonyme a dit…

Super travaille mec !!!!!!!!
je viens de découvrir et je suis déjà addict :)
1000000 merci :):):)

Zalman Oz a dit…


Please share the great album below.


Patchwork 64 - Accélération (1981)

Side A is pretty nice, starting out with some dreamy ambience before leading into what sounds to me like a combo of an inspirational sporting theme crossed with Michael Rother on guitar; a non-fussy catchy guitar lead in the classic "euro-rock" sense, and certainly on the cheesy side. Otherwise it's business as usual, with lots of jaunty synth- laden pop instrumentals meant to invoke a grin, it seems. Side two starts off with two techno tunes by Gerard Gesina, quickly followed by some more catchy corporate-video/sporting theme synth rock with corny guitar licks flying out of every corner.

The track "South of the Border" could literally pass for a "cosmic synth" Steely Dan approximation. Really.

Track List

A1 Jean-Pierre Decerf - Surrounding Seas
A2 Jean-Pierre Decerf - Accélération
A3 Jean-Pierre Decerf - Turn Pike Melody
A4 Jean-Pierre Decerf - Philipps 66
A5 Jean-Pierre Decerf - South of the Border
B1 Gérard Gésina - Big Green "Espace"
B2 Gérard Gésina - Warranty Renown
B3 Jean-Pierre Decerf - Renaissance
B4 Jean-Pierre Decerf - Power
B5 Jean-Pierre Decerf - Monticelli'bar


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